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To land a rover on Mars you need to know where Mars is, how far it is from Earth, the climate, the atmosphere, the gravity, the surface area, the terrain, and how many and where the moon(s) are.

What Do You Need To Know To Land A Rover On Mars?

Image 2. Polar Ice Cap

Image 1. Phobos

Image 3. Deimos

Video 1. Mars

By Hannah O.

• Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and 140,000,000 miles from Earth.• The atmosphere is thin, and the temperature varies from 70 degrees F to -225 degrees F.

• The gravity on Mars is 3.71 meters per second squared.• The surface area of Mars is 55,742,106 square miles and the terrain varies from the tallest mountains in the universe to gigantic craters.• Mars's two moons, Phobos and Deimos, are named after Ares's, the Greek form of Mars, two sons, Fear and Panic.


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