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They say in 2030 (16 years) that we could start to live on Mars. I thought that it was crazy and that we would die but this video makes you wonder if it is possable.

What's Mars axal tilt?Did you know that the axil tilt is 25 degrees, much similar to earths (23degrees)?

When a meteor from Mars landed on Earth scientist found fossalized bacteria and they think that it was dataed to about 3.6 billon years ago.

As the result of impacts on the planet of Mars by other bodies, some of the debri get pulled in by the gravity of the Earth and are turned into meteors.

Why do scientist think there was life on mars 3.6 billon years ago?

How to get Mars like Earth?If we were to add organicmaterial to mars then itwould become more like earth.This picture is not fully true. In order to terraform Mars we have to set up bases by the snow caps, and we absorb the water which turns into gases that will in turn cause a green house effect, making clouds form in order for water to form, then grass to grow, then trees. Just try to imagine Earth but the dirt is red.

How are Mars and Earth the same?They have seasons and ice caps.

What does sns achondrites refer to? The classifacation of meteorites.

Why study mars and not Earth? To better understand the universe.

How many moons does Mars have?Mars has two moons.

How do meteors get to Earth?

Mars Rocks!

What is the tallest mountain on Mars?Mt. Olympus Mons, 16 miles high and 374 miles across, roughly the size of arizona.

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this is the layers of mars


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