Mars vs. Earth

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Mars vs. Earth

Mars VS. Earth

Mars' ozone layer is typically 300 timesthinner than on Earth

Earth's ozone layer is 15-30 kilometers above Earth.

Earth has a magnetic field with a declination of 11.5 degrees, which protects us from harmful solar radiation.

Mars has no magnetic field, only a less extensive magnetosphere

The gravity of Mars is.0375 that of Earth

Atmospheric pressure:Mars: 7.5 millibars (average)Earth: 1.013 millibars at sea level

The average atmospheric temperature at Earth's poles is -50 degrees Celsius. and the hottest temperature is 18-27 degrees Celsius at the equator.

Since the atmospheric pressure on Earth is so high, all forms of water can be sustained

Since the atmospheric pressure on Mars is so low, liquid water can not be sustained

Earth's gravity is 2.66 times that of Mars.

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Earth's atmosphere:77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon, .038% carbon dioxide

Mars' atmosphere: 95.32% carbon dioxide, 2.7% nitrogen, 1.6% argon, .13% oxygen, .03% water vapor

Humans need at least 19.5% oxygen to survive.

Plants require a large amount of oxygen

In the oxygen carbon dioxide cycle, we breathe out carbon dioxide which plants, such as trees, use to create oxygen. In photosynthesis. Oxygen is produced when water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide combine within a plant.

Nitrogen is not needed in order for us to breathe, however it is essential to plants.

The average atmospheric temperature of Mars at the poles is -153 degrees Celsius, and at the hottest temperature at the equator is 20 degrees Celsius.

Nitrogen is used in the nitrogen cycle by being used to produce chlorophyll, and plants use it to produce food.

SOILSoil needed for agriculture must contain sand, silt, clay, organic matter, and pore spaces which hold water and air. Clay particles are the smallest, hold moisture, and plant food very effectively. A certain amount of clay in all soil is vital to plant various crops.

Water on Earth: solid, liquid, gas. Where? oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.Water on Mars: Currently solid but was once liquid. Where? Water has been found but it was frozen.

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