Mars: The red planet

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Mars: The red planet

MarsThe red planet

General aspects

Mars is an inner planet. It is smaller than the Earth. Its diameter measures 6 786 kilometers. It has gravity of 0.38. Mars is very cold, on the surface you can stay at the same temperature as in the Antarctica.On the planet there are different craters, rocks and glaciers

The atmosphere is composed of 95% of CO2 and 5% of N2 and Ar.

The orbit of Mars is 678 days or 1.88 years. Mars has got the fastest orbit around the Sun. The rotation of this planet is 24 hours and 37 minutes.


Orbit and rotation

Mars has got two satellites:Phobos and Deimos.One of this is white and the other is grey.

Glossary:inner planet: planeta interior.surface: superfícieglaciers: glaceresAr: argó


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