Mars: The Facts

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Mars: The Facts

There are two moons named Deimos and Phobos. Phobos has a crater 6 miles wide (almost half the width of the moon) named Stickney. Both moons always show the same side to mars. Made of carbon rich rock mixed with ice. They could possibly be captured asteroids. Asaph Hall found Deimos and later found Phobos..


Mars: The Facts

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. The average distance from earth to mars is 225 million km, but this number changes constantly because both planets rotate. The climate changes constantly, but it is very cold there, and all water is either frozen or hidden in underground springs. Scientists believe that mars was once warm and wet. Mars has a very thin atmosphere made mostly of Carbon Dioxide. It is also composed of Argon, and Nitrogen. The gravity is 62.5% less than what you'd expirience on earth. The surface areais 144,371,391 km2. Mars has a rocky surface, with many craters, such as the Gale Crater. There are also ancient rivers and mountains.

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Figure 1. The moon Phobos

What do you need to know to land a rover on mars?

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Figure 2. Curiosity Rover Landing

Figure 3. Mars from space

Figure 4. Distance from sun

Video 1. Mars in a minute


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