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[2014] TeSsAoMaN: Mars SSI

There are many myths about life on Mars. Some commonly known myths are th face on Mars, the idea that martians built complex canals, Mars has oceans, Mars will one day appear as big as the moon, and the idea that Mars supports intelligent life.

The rovers sent to mars have detected signs of water on Mars. NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, found that every cubic foot of surface soil is 2% water.

On space trips the astronauts eat the same food we do, but it is packaged tightly and sometimes requires adding water. Their food is strapped to a plate so that it doesn't float away. An oven is also provided to heat up some foods.

The ISS has already proved that plants can survive in microgravity, and with up to a 10th of earths atmosphere. Now scientists are creating a plant that can survive the harsh conditions on Mars. They are using gene splicing to take wanted characteristics from a micro-organisms called Extremophiles. These plants will be the same original plant but with more resistance to harsh conditions.

A trip to Mars takes about 7 months. All living things need water, shelter, food, energy, proper temp., and oxygen. We will need all of those things on the space shuttle. The shuttle can store up to 1500 liters of water, but that water needs to be taken to Mars. Water used daily on the shuttle will be recycled from waste. The shuttle can hold about 800 lbs of food, and the passengers are aloud 3.8 lbs per day. We get oxygen on the shuttle by seperating the oxygen atoms from the water molecules. Animals will not be able to surive on Mars due to the cold weather and harsh conditions, so you will not be aloud to bring them with you.

Plants can't grow in martian soil, so on Mars we will have to grow them in greenhouses with a covering to protect from radiation and LED lights. The greenhouses will have multiple floors and shelves to conserve space. Since the pressure will be so much higher in the greenhouse, the "farmers" will have to wear pressure suits.


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