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Pictures taken by Mars Rover

The robot is used on Mars.The robot using an Instrument deployment device (IDD),which has 5 degrees if freedom. It is currently the most dexterous robotic manipulator ever flown to another planetary surface.

The Mars Exploration Rover mission is part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the red planet.The robot functions as a planetary geologist, doing things like holding instruments, collecting samples, analyzing rock types, and taking pictures.

Effector: The IDD is mounted towards the front of the rover and is capable of reaching out approximately 0.8 meters in front of the rover at full extent. It carries various tools to sample the Martian surface and to collect samples.

RSVP (Rover Sequencing and Visualization Program) is used for command of all mobility and manipulation activities. It has two main components: RSVP-ROSE (Rover Sequence Editor) and RSVP-Hyperdrive.

Panoramic Camera, for looking at terrainMiniature Thermal Emission Spectrometer: identifies rocks and soils and their formation. Looks at temperature and atmosphere.

Mossbauer Spectrometer: close look at minerals.Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer: abundance of mineralsMagnets: Collects magnetic dust particles

Advantage: It is in space on Mars, which humans do not have the capacity to reach alive at this point in time. Work without need for food or water. Work in cold/hot conditions. Work in an environment devoid of oxygen.Disadvantage: Robot, so incapable of human thought. Needs to be programmed to do what it does. Delay in communication between Rover handlers and the rover itself.

Microscopic Imager: high-resolution imagesRock Abrasion Tool: Gathers rocks for examination


NASA, jet propulsion, robotics engineer, planetary geologists, communications, research scientists, software programmer, electrochemical scientists, aerospace engineers, astrobiologist, physicist, geologist, mechanical engineers, flight systems engineers, software engineers, professors, database managers.

It is attempting to determine if there was ever water on Mars and maybe find clues that life has existed on Mars. Could give us clues on history of the universe.

Gather more data, more samples. Move farther. Bring samples back. Go to other planets.

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