mars project period 2

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Environmental Studies

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mars project period 2

Vacation to Planet Mars!

Come take a space cruise through the starsTo visit the beautiful planet of Mars!

FAMILY VALUE PACK!$9,000 for a family of four!

Only $2,500 per person!Using state of the art technology we have created a rocketship with the qualities of a cruise ship!

*Tanning on soft sand!*Dune Buggying on sandy terrain*Skateboarding in massive craters!*Shopping at our Premium Mars Mall!*Bungee Jumping off dorment volcanoes!*Iceskating on the northern and southern ice caps!

Some spend a fortune going to different countries ...but now you can go to another world for this great bargain! Don't miss this opportunity!

*Fine dining *Luxury hotel bedrooms*Game room*Theatre*Swimming pool...It's all on the spacecruise! All you have to do is bring anough clothes for 6 days! This spacecruise will be 3 days to Mars, 3 days back to Earth. But don't worry! We will provide the oxygen tubes and spacesuites for the 5 days we will be staying on Mars!

Mars information!

*Because Mars is the fourth planet from the sun the temperature only gets down to 17 degrees Celsius, and the highest is 145 degrees Celcius. (Don't worry...The spacesuites are designed to keep you warm and cool when the temperatures change.) *When you go dune buggying and skateboarding it's going to be twice the fun because gravity on Mars is 38% of the gravity on Earth! * When you skateboard you may be going at the same speed as you do on Earth but jumping is going to be a lot higher!

For more information call: 610-Mars-Cruise



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