Mars One

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Mars One

The Mars One mission is beneficial to people on Earth.

Mars One

The Mission

Thesis Statement

The goal of Mars one is to send 24 people to Mars. The mission starts in 2018 where two people are launched. They are estimated to arrive in 2024, Every two years two people will be sent to mars and start a colony.

Money for the Mars One mission is made through sponsorships, and advertisements.

Going to Mars is benefical for many reasons. For example, life on Mars will start huge developments invovoving recycling, solar enegry, food production and advancement of medical technology.Living on Mars may allow a person to live longer. This is because, on Mars people will be eating healtheir because all the food is organic. Also, there are no pesticides. Additonally, there is no chance of getting into a motor vehicle accident.

There were over two thousand applicants applying for the Mars One mission. But only one hundred have been chosen for the final which will be narrowed down to thirty three.

With the Mars one mission people on Earth could have a solution to overpopulation. This is because if people are able to live on Mars then there will be less people living on Earth.


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