Marry McCleod Bethune

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Marry McCleod Bethune

Childhood yearsMary was born in a small cabin in Mayesville, South carolina.She was born free despite both of her parents being slaves.She was the fifteenth of seventeen children born to Sam and Patsy McIntosh McLeod.While she was young she would go with her mo to take white people washed clothes.On her trips she was able to go into a nursery and play with the white childrens toys. One day while she was playing she picked up a book.Immediately one of the white kids took it from her saying that she was black and could not read.The act led and drove her passion for education.

Mary McCleod Bethune

The StruggleMary faced an abundance of struggles during her life. She was even nicknamed the "First Lady of the Struggle". Mary first off wanted to pursue a career a teaching profession which was mostly a profession held by whites at the time. Secondly she was an african american who during a time of segregation.Mary attended a segregated mission school and was often treated lesser than the other children. She endured the struggles of racism and prejudice every time she left home.Mary also had many challenges growing up being raised in a family with 17 children there was little money for many of her needs let alone wants.However her parents gave her enough. All she needed was simply freedom to achieve her dream of teaching.

ContributionsMary had many contributions she founded the National Council of Negro Women and Bethune-Cookman College.Mary was also widely know for education she also founded the Daytona Educational and Industrial Training School for Negro Girls.Along with her many foundations Mary was credited with being the first negro woman to work in the white house along side presidents.Mrs. Bethune was also one of the most influential African American leaders in the Black Cabinet, which organized the Federal Council on Negro Affairs.She was inducted into the womans hall of fame.Mary also has a historical marker in her hometown.

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"Invest in the human soul.Who knows it might be a diamond in the rough."

Awards and notable recognitionIn 1974 becasue of her contributions to education and equality a statue was made for Mary bethune.In 1949 she became the first woman to win the medal of honorand Merit at the Haitian Exposition, Haiti's highest award. This was the same year she traveled to liberia where she was given the Commander of the Order of the Star of Africa by the liberian president.She won these awards for her outstanding work on education.

LearnedI think that i learned a couple things from my research.I learned that regardless of struggle chasing a dream is something we should all do.I also learned that it's important to be the best person we can in life. Mary Bethune had to endure numerous trials and tribulations and still accomplish her goals while being generous.I know that people like her are the ones that make the world great.


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