Marriage Counselor

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Marriage Counselor

SkillsReflective Listener - Listen without interrupting, and pay attention to detailEmpathetic - Put yourself in the couples' shoes. How would you feel if you were in their situation?Objective - Understand both sides of the story, then create unbiased solutions

Family LifeThis job has somewhat flexible hours, with the exception of having to be on-call after hours in case of an emergency. With the training and classes that must be attended, counselors should have the skills to keep peace in the house and have healthy relationships.

Marriage CounselingMarissa Hickson

EducationMaster's Degree in Psychology (2-3 years)Doctoral Program (3-5 years)Post-Graduate Clinical Training Pragrams (3-4 years)

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Marriage therapist for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Marriage and family counselor for Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Effects of Marriage Couseling

Work Environment:Private and PersonalComfortableInvitingFriendlyTrustworthy

EvolutionCinematic Immersion: A new method of counselinghas been introduced by Warren Farrell. Rather than the traditional active listening, this techniqueinvolves the couples individually studying ways toimprove their relationship and communication skills.This was created for individuals who don't takecriticism well to avoid patients becoming gaurdedand defensive.

Active Listening

Public Health and WelfareMending marriages has a positive effect on the community. With divorce rates in America being high, marriage counselors are essential to creating a brighter future for the next generations by setting good examples and showing them how marriage is meant to be forever.

Positive: Traditional marriage counseling has about a 75% success rate. This means many marriages that would have ended in divorce are repaired after couples' therapy. This effects not only the couple, but also their whole family, especially if children are involved. Many children who grew up in a split family struggled with trust and relationship problems later on in life.Negative: Unfortunately, marriage counseling is not the best approach for some couples. The therapy process can bring up underlying problems that were not noticed before. Also, couples may give up if the sessions do not show immediate results. In these cases, counseling may lead to divorce.

HealthEmotional health very important for this career. Marriage counselors must be prepared for things to not work out. They have to remember that sometimes marriages fall past the point of being repaired, and that is out of their control.


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