Maroo of the Winter Cave

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Maroo of the Winter Cave

Marooof the Winter Caves

The main character is Maroo, a young indian girl. She's about 16 years old. She is very tall and beautiful for her age. Maroo wears a necklace made of string of bone. She finds shells, rocks, plants, etc. to put on her necklace. My favorite part about Maroo is her personality. She is determined to to what's right for her familey and never give up.

These are the main charactors

Otak, the second main character, is young indian boy. Otak is about a year younger than Maroo. His dream is to be an amazing hunter and go with hunting with the hunter of the tribe. Otak is brave and courageous to do anything.



Maroo and her family are at the winter hunting grounds getting ready to pack up their supplies to head on a journey to the ocean for their summer.

The Setting in my is around the time of the last ice age. In the spring every step is like stepping in muddy grass. Around winter you can barely feel your toes or hands. The area they lived in is unknow and vast.



Ann Turnbull1984Talia Thornton

Rising Action Event 1-21The indians are leaving their summer camp. They pack up to go to the autumn hunting grounds.2As they are on their way, they set camp at some rocks. They don't feel safe, so, as in fright they set camp there because there is no other place to settle.

ClimaxThey next day from when the indians were at the camp made from the rocks, heard ibex. The tribe was hungry, they had very little food, so, the two hunters left camp, days later they hadn't com back.

CliffhangerWhat do you think happened to them and what do you think happened when the winter storms came?

I rate this book 3 and a 1/2 stars.


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