Maroccan Protest

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Maroccan Protest

As a result of governments' continuious corruption, Moroccan activists organized a movement to non-violently protest on February 20th for political changes.

Morocco: February 20th Movement

Moroccans were inpired and civically used Facebook to gain support for nationwide protests to be held on February 20, 2011. 30,000 citizen made their own signs and slogans for changes they desire. Many called for constitutional reform in hoping to reduce King Mohammed VI's powers.

Moroccan protestors had numorous demands for change.

The first 3 minute of this video provides closer details of the Feburary 20th movement where protestors in Morocco demand the government to free activist leaders and protest after reform pledge falters

The crowd screamed as 40 or so policemen rushed at them with heavy batons. A day later, the protest was written up in one of Morocco’s largest papers, Assabah, with an inexplicable headline, “Protesters Plan to Kill Policemen and Explode Military Barracks.”

"End to police brutality!!""Reduced living costs!!"

Health reform!"Independent judiciary system!!"Education reform!

This protest started in Rabat and continued to other main cities.

Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, civil war, and revolution that spread across the Middle East affecting Morocco in early 2011.

After one year of non-violent protesting, Moroccan citizen finally accomplish the push for one of the main demand, the constitutional reform, to ensure King Mohammed VI powers is limited and will promise a democratic government and a parliamentary monarchy.


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