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MarkG Periodic Table

Metals: The metals from the periodic table are almost all metals besides semimetal and noble gases.But through all of that the are a lot of metals like transition metals.

Semi metalsmetals and Meralloids are that they somewhat half metal of react differently with other materials .The semi metals conduct heat but does not heat up as hot as other metal groups.

Non-metals: non metals are kind of different they are not able to conduct heat well and or electricity .

Alkali Metals This family has the most reactivity in the whole periodic table of element . this group can even get caught on fire by getting droped in water (potassium)

Work Sited http://www.chemicool.com

The world is made up of 100 different elements. Were they put these elements is on one table called the Periodic Table of Elements. In the periodic Table of Elements the elements have their own chemical symbol. So you can tell them apart!

Dmitri Mendeleev The creator of the Periodic table of elements. He put ALL the elements in one Table at the time.

Dmitri Mendeleev

The periodic table is organized by the type of material it is made of.

The Table of Elements

There are 90 elements that occur in nature the others are man made!

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