Marketing mix Nutella

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Marketing mix Nutella

Marketing Mix Selena Rodriguez

Nutella is an incredible soft chocolate hazelnut spead that you could put on just about anything and it will taste good. It is craved by many and you can find it in almost anyones household.

PlaceThis is where and how the customers will purchase a good or service.-This is important because the place you sell your product of service can have an affect on the profit you will make -In this situation Nutella can be sold in local stores everywhere mostly including super markets such as shoprite.

The Marketing Mix

1.) This prodct will come in multiple packaging sizes2.)It will be at the cost of a medium price3.)It will be sold in retail stores only4.)TV and Internet Advertising will be used because they provide visuals and are most commonly used


ProductEverything a business gives to a cutomer to satisfy them.-This is important because you want the customers to be happy so they keep coming back.-In this Nutella situation the product part would be the Nutella itself and the quality of it to keep customers happy.

PriceThis is the amount of money the customer will pay for the service or product.-This is very important because the price can either bring you customers or drive them away. You dont want to price things to much or too little because you want to make a good profit.-In this situation Nutella is one of a kind and can not be coppied, it has great quality therefore should be somewhat pricy because people love and crave it so much.

PromotionThis is any kind of communication to try to pursuade and remind customers.-This is very important because you need to advertising and brag about you product or service to make it known and get people to buy so you cant make profit.-In this situation Nutella is shown on TV, radio, magazines, and just about every where you look. Ive even seen it on buildboards while driving in the car.


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