Marketing Food to Children

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Marketing Food to Children

"I Want That!"The Marketing of Food to Children

Facts:1. Food and beverage industries spend $2 billion per year marketing to children.2. $5 million is spent daily by fast food industries to market towards children.3. 98% of the food advertisements geared towards children are for foods high in sugar, fats, and sodium.

Children food choices are strongly influenced by strategic marketing through both media and advertisements. The use of favorite television characters, high sugar, sodium, and fat content, as well as inclusions of toys, are some examples of ways companies market food towards children.

On average, a child will view 10 food advertisements on television daily.On television, fast foods and sugary cereals are the most advertised foods.A study found that children who view these advertisements are 45 times more likely to consume these unhealthy foods.

As Seen on TV

Related Health ConcernsFood marketing towards children directly correlates with the children's diets. 40% of children's diets come from added sugars and fats. Obesity rates have more than doubled for children ages 2 to 5 and ages 6 to 11. If these rates continue, 1 in 3 adults by 2050 will have diabetes.

Why Don't Parents Step In?This is easier said than done. Even if parents encourage healthful eating, the messages children see and hear are powerful. Parents, like the children, may also have limited nutrional knowledge and the influence of food companies is one that is hard to surpass once children have consumed these products.

The Dangers of Marketing Food To ChildrenBy: Anne Lappe

Anne Lappe notes the power marketing companies have on the food choices children and even parents make. Food marketing is even going as far as infiltraiting schools, even some curriculums! Hope for change is here as campaigns across the U.S are working to lessen and eventually stop unhealthy food marketing towards children.

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