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Market!By: Ted LewinTaylor Shropshire

Summary: The book Market mentions various different places in the world, and discusses the items they might sell, grow, make and catch to make money. The market is essentially a place people come from all over the world to buy items from different places in the world. The vook mentions Ecuador, Nepal, Ireland, Uganda, United States and Moroco. Each place is shown and then a list of items that they sell, grow, ctach or make is talked about and wonderful pictures are shown on every page, the pictures enhance the storytelling.

Culture:Culture is shown by mentioning the goods each culture brings and exchanges.

Economics:Money for the buying and exchanging of goods.

Geography:The book mentions several locations around the world and provided pictures.

Text To World:This is an interview done with the Author of Market! Ted Lewin

Crtique: The book strengths would be the pictures presented on every page it really allows the student to visualize what is being discussed.

These are some pictures of items that are exchanged.


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