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Inventors and Inventions

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Mark Zuckerberg

Early Life

- Born on May 14, 1984 in Dobbs Ferry, NY. - Father was a dentist, and his mother was a psychatrist. - Developed intrest in computers and electronics. - Parents hire a computer tutor.- Goes out and gets what he wants - Mark then began taking college graduate classes.- Attended prep school - Made captain of fencing team - Made an early version of music program like Pandora. - Many companies were interested in this program, declined all offers.



PersistentHard - workerProgrammingVery SmartSelf Motivated

After College

Mark Zuckerberg

- Attended Harvard in 2002, well know software guy. - Built Facematch to introduce Harvard students to one another. And CourseMatch.- Was shut down by administration.- Dropped out sophmore year to work on "The Facebook".

- Had a movie made about him, The Social Network.- May of 2012, Facebook went public, made 16 billion dollars - Following days asked longtime girlfriend to marry him on May 19th.- In May of 2013, Facebook made the Fourtune 500 List. - Making Zuckerberg youngest CEO to make the list, at age 26


- Guys came to with him with an idea for a network, made facebook "similar" to it- 2004 Facebook hit 1 million users- 2005 opened Facebook to other people other than the ivy league - Got more offers to buy company, but denied and added more features- In 2006, guys with the network idea started a lawsuit for "stealing" their idea- Lawsuit ended in 2011, settlement of 65 million dollars- Then later said they were "misled" on the value of their stocks


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