Mark Twain And the gold rush of CA

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Mark Twain And the gold rush of CA

Mark Twain is Known for...........Mark or Samel is famous for many things: lecturing, writing, and coming up with meaningful quotes. Mark Twain is mostly famous for his books and good literature. The most popular books he wrote are Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He mostly did children books but he also did autobiographies. He traveled a lot when he was a writer and his first stop was California where he found his first real writing job.

Differences in his LifeHis trip to California had a difference in the rest of his life. You may see influences in his books that define the life of the gold rush. Mark Twain is remembered for his integrity and confidence that inspired thousands of children, adults, and seniors to make a difference in the world while following your dream. Mark Twain was and is now an inspiration to growing citizens to senior citizens!

ConclusionMark Twain is famous because he was a great writer and pretty much the first celebrity. He also is famous for his quotes that inspired thousands of people. And finally he was famous for his lectures.Mark Twain is an inspiration to many people around the world.

IntroductionGold! Did you know that Mark Twain was a miner of the California Gold Rush for some of his life? Mark Twain or his real name Samuel Clemens actually had his first writing job during the California Gold Rush. Before the gold rush he lived in New York, but he was born in Florida, Missouri. He married Olivia Langdon, and had six children. Mark Twain only wanted to wear a white suit when people took pictures of him. He was named California’s first celebrity, and then he made the name……...Mark Twain.

About Mark TwainHe was14 when the gold rush in California star He livted.ed in New York before the gold rush and of course got gold fever and went all the way to the west. With no luck he gave up on mining, but then got offered his first writing job by Daily Territorial Enterprise. Mark Twain started his career in California and no one ever forgot about that!

Mark Twain ' the California Gold Rush

Mark with his quote " Its better to keep your mouth closed and let people think your a fool than to open it and remove all doubt

Mark Twain writing

The picture on the left is a Mark Twain original from California. Where he started his career. ( important info of Mark Twain)

This is a video to give you some backgroud of Mark Twain, which I found interesting.

Mark Twain 14 years old


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