[2013] Ariana Bennett: Mark Twain

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[2013] Ariana Bennett: Mark Twain

One theme of this short story is that it was an honor to outsmart the deceitful turkey; that's why he wanted to bring it back alive.

Hunting the Decitful TurkeyIn this short story, a kid goes hunting with some of his family very often in the fall. He then decides to go hunt a turkey by himself. He wants to capture the turkey alive. He is unsuccessful because the turkey escapes up a tree.

Quote #1"It's easier to stay out than get out."

Mark Twain

Mark Twain was raised Protestant, but became an atheist. He doubted the religious truth of Christianity. As you can tell from Tom Sawyer, he is against Church. Especially with the pinch bug and the dog, we can tell he thinks that people go to Church on Sundays just to say they go to Church, not to worship or be kind. He thinks that people who go to Church think they can be sinful throughout the week and make it up on Sunday.

Religious Beliefs

Quote #2"Go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.

It means that if you stay out of the way in the first place it is easier than getting out of the way. Examples: It is easier to not start smoking than to quit smoking.

He's saying that hell is known as a fiery inferno so heaven has better "weather", but he thinks that heaven is basically empty so go to hell for company. It goes along with his religious beliefs because he is basically an atheist.



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