Mark of the Thief

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Mark of the Thief

"Mark of the Thief"By: Jennifer A. Nielsen

"Mark of the Thief" tells the story of a young slave, Nicolas Calva, stuck in the mines outside of the city of Rome. One day, a general of the Roman army forces Nic into one of the deepest parts of the mine where he discovers the hidden treasures of Julius Caesar. Among the treasures, Nic finds a bulla, or amulet, that is filled with magic- the power of the gods. Nic must harness the power of the gods as he fights for not only his well-being, but also the lives of the whole world.



A strong theme of "Mark of the Thief" lies in the main character, Nicolas Calva. Nic is thrown into a situation where he must put his needs above those he cares about while trying his best to master the magic of the gods. Nic has a strong sense of self-identity and refuses to accept the fact that he is a slave. Trust in others (oftentimes complete strangers) is a key theme as well. Nic must decide whether those who say that they will protect him will put their lives on the line for him- for the betterment of the entire city.


Nicolas Calva: Main protagonistLivia: Nicolas's sisterAurelia: Friend to Nicolas General Radulf: Main antagonistCrispus: Son of a prominent senator who helps Nicolas

"Mark of the Thief" takes place in and around the ancient city of Rome.

I strongly recommend this book to others! From the very beginning we are thrown into Nicolas's world and can feel everything he is put through. The story is well-paced and easy to read. I oftentimes found mself thrown for a loop as the story progressed. There are twists on every page! The element of Roman mythology was one of my favorite things about this book. A magic amulet that grants power to the wearer and a regal griffin as a faithful companion; what's more to love?



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