Marisa history glog #3

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Marisa history glog #3

Dear diary,Today when I was walking I saw Mr. Benjamin Franklin. I assume he is here to meet with other leaders of the Continental Congress. Even though the British army has been winning the early battles, the Patriots' determination still seems strong. I wish for a peaceful end to this war, I don't see either side giving up. For a loyalist like me, it is difficult to live in the city where the Patriots make their war plans.

Dear diary, I felt disappointed that we lost because I feel that we would be better off under British rule. However I am also pleased that the war is over because I don't like people getting hurt. I am very happy that my husband George has survived the war the war and will be leaving the British army and will be helping me with my blacksmithing business. I look forward to my life moving forward.

The Patriots rearranged the words to our song and made it into their own song, to make fun of us for losing the war. The patriots won the war.

Today we had the battle of Yorktown. One of the loyalists got shot by a patriot. The loyalists lost.

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