Marisa history glog #2

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Marisa history glog #2

Dear diary,Today was very horrible. We lost against the Patriots. Today we gained two more people than we had. Gaining two more people is very good for us because the patriots have us outnumbered by alot. They have a few million people. The loyalists and I were very upset that we lost. We got arrested and went to jail for one year.

Dear diary, I feel we should remain loyal to the king and I wish there would be no blood shed. I am scared that my husband could be wounded or killed. I do feel outnumbered because they have a few million people and we don't have that many people. We only have a few hundred people. We can try to talk to people and see that being part of England is better for the colonies. I can support the British army by supplying them with any medal goods from my shoppe.

These are pictures of my family's blacksmithing shoppe.

The loyalists made a song making fun of the Patriots because the loyalists are winning.

My sister and I took over our family's shoppe when our parents died.

We are having the battle of Lexington and Concord. We are winning so far, but the patriots are planning on attacking us.

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