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Marisa Champion EDUC 6418 Book Project

Maria Nichols works in San Diego City Schools as a literacy staff director. She is National Board Certified and works with K-6 elementary classrooms in urban areas of San Diego, California. She was a classroom teacher for 13 years and a literacy demonstation teacher for 3 years. She has written two books and coauthored one book.

Maria Nichols

Author: Maria Nichols

Marisa Champion's Book Project

Nichols, M. (2009). Talking About Text: Guiding Students to Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk. Huntington Beach, California: Shell Education.

Maria Nichols is the author of Comprehenison Through Conversation: The Power of Purposeful Talk in the Reading Workshop and Talking About Text: Guiding Students to Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk. She coauthored Teaching Literacy in First Grade.

Other Works

Professional Book:Talking About Text: Guiding Students to Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk

What's it all about?

Let's Get It Started in Here

What I am taking from Maria

"Purposeful Talk"Goal: Teach students to recognize critical information or developments in texts that merit conversation

Purposeful Talk Behaviors*Hearing all voices*Saying something meaningful*Listening with intent*Keeping lines of thinking alive*Negotiating meaningThese behaviors are meant to be taught and built upon as the students go to the next grade level.Teachers focus on purposeful talk and a cognitive process. So, students will talk about their thinking purposefully.Teach the students to READ, THINK, and TALK INDEPENDENTLY.

Posters - construct and use anchor charts to support studentsPartners/Turn-and-talk - allows support during whole group discussionsWhen planning lessons, ask myself:1. How will the lesson balance the focus on talk with the focus on cognitive processes?2. How will I step in and out of the conversation to teach the use of purposeful talk without interrupting the construction of meaning?3. How is responsibility for purposeful talk behaviors transferred to the students?4. How will the students make the link between the cognitive processes, purposeful talk behavior, and the construction of meaning?If the talk is getting off track:*Teach students to pause in conversations*Be aware of TALK DOMINATORS*Support the shy - build a safe environment and pair the shy with a friend*Make sure PARTNERS are on task*Manage discussion times with out leading them

The Book!

Maria Nichols explains what purposeful talk is and how to use it to increase reading comprehension. Her book provides model lessons on how to use purposeful talk in the classroom. The approach aims to build independent readers. The implementation of the strategies in this book support students as they learn to talk with purpose, identify important details in the text, and construct meaningful responses to text.



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