[2015] Meagan Forrester (Kamino Dyson 2015): Marion Hilliard

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[2015] Meagan Forrester (Kamino Dyson 2015): Marion Hilliard

later she graduated in medicine and went abroad for post-graduate studies, this time to the Polyklinic in Budapest where she specialized in methods of overcoming sterility in women. She joined the Women's College Hospital in 1928 at the age of 26. She was appointed chief, department of obstetrics and gynecology.

When she was 45 she created the women’s collage hospital’s newly formed Cancer Detection Clinic which opened in April 1948, the first of its kind in Canada affected society by using a simplified detection system of cervical cancer which saved lives

Fun Facts

She wrote a book called “A Woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life” in 1957 and “Women and Fatigue” in 1960. The reason I chose this person as my inspiration is because my parent’s went to the school named after her, which is located in Scarbrough.

Biographyopening paragraph

Marion Hilliard

my name is Anna Marion Hilliard was born in Morrisburg, Ont on June 7th 1902.

Dr. Hilliard was chairman of the doctors' committee in the hospital's building campaign in 1952. To encourage fund-raising, she persuaded the CBC to broadcast on radio the live tape-recording of the birth of a baby, which was run on November 30th, 1952.Marion Hilliard died shortly after her retirement on July 15th, 1958 in Toronto. Early Life.

Marion was the middle child of five and had two brothers and two sisters. Marion’s father, Irwin Hilliard, was a lawyer and her mother, Anna, a homemaker. The Hilliard family were pious missionary-minded Methodists. Marion Hilliard studied at the University of Toronto


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