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Mario on Crack

CocaineBefore Mario goes out to fight Bowser, he snorts a line of cocaine to get his blood going. The cocaine speeds up the neurotransmitters and causes his heart to race. Physical effects are muscle spasms, increase of heart beat and blood pressure,and loss of weight. Mario feels like he's invincible. This feeling is so powerful it creates a strong psychological dependence. Neurotransmitters speed up. It's a agonist and a stimulant.

MarijuanaIf Mario can't get alcohol or doesn't want some to calm his stress, he turns to pot. Super Mario likes smoking dank because it makes him feel relaxed and happy. Excessive use of pot can have physical/mental effects such as lack of focus,laziness and loss of brain cells. Neurotransmitters slow down and create a feeling of euphoria. It's a hallucinogen and agonist

LSDMario likes to pop LSD before he races, especially on Rainbow road. Although the physical effects are huge like broken bones, concussions and cuts, Mario doesn't care. The drug makes him trip out and see weird images. He once thought he was a cup of orange juice and stood still for a whole day, so he didn't spill the cup. It's a hallucinogen and both antagonist and agonist. The neurotransmitters get altered into producing images and sounds that aren't actually there.

AlcoholAfter a long day of fighting goombas and turtles, Super Mario likes to go home and get lit with a bottle of Jack Daniels and Budweiser. The alcohol makes him happy and relaxed. The alcohol slows down his body. Neurotransmitters slow down. Mario does it every night though and can't stop because his body craves it. He is getting fatter and angry due to his addiction. His liver is suffering from the daily large amount of alcohol taken in. At parties he is always the champion at beer pong. Alcohol is both antagonist and agonist. He has become physically dependent on the alcohol

CaffeineMario sometimes needs to get a quick rush fast, so he drinks coffee or any other drinks with caffeine. Caffeine causes him to be alert and on top of everything. He drinks 12 cups of coffee a day sometimes. Physical effects on the body are lack of sleep, rapid heartbeat and headaches. If Mario can't get his daily fix of caffeine, then he starts to go through withdrawal symptoms like shaking,sweating and irritibility.Its a stimulant and antagonist. The neurotransmitters speed up.

BarbituratesWhen Mario is tired and can't sleep, he takes some barbiturates for the sleep inducing and drunkeness effects. Mario used to take them once or twice a week, but now he's taking them everynight, because he built up a tolerance for them. Physical effects are hallucinations and seizures. Even the slightest overdose can cause a slip into a coma or death. They are antagonist and depressants.

MethamphetaminesWhen Mario has a really important mission to do, he take some Ritalin or Adderall in order to focus. The drugs allows him to focus a lot more on tasks. Physical effects are vomiting, dizziness, increased blood pressure and heart rate. Neurotransmitters work really hard. They are stimulants and most are agonist.

Super Cracked Up Mario

FactTobacco has killed the most people in the world out of every drug.

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