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Mario Molina

Full name- Mario Jose Molina-Pasquel Henriquez

Date of birth- March 19,1943(He's 72)

Awards-Mario has been awarded The Nobel prize for chemistry with Sherwood Rowland(1995), The Tyler prize for Enviormental Achievement, and The NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement medal.

FACT-When he was achild he used simple bathroom items for small chemistry experiments.

Family- Roberto Molina-Pasquel(father) Leonor Henriquez(mother) Esther Molina(aunt)

Discovery-Mario and professer F. Sherwood Rowland continued together to researvh and study the "hot atom" chemistry theory. It led to CFCs(chlorofluorcarbons), which was in accumulating the atmosphere. They eventually discovered chlorine atoms produced by CFCs catalytically destroy ozone.

Research-Mario Molina is known best because of his studies on the Earth's effects due to man made compounds in the upper atmosphere. (Chlorofluorcarbons)He shared a nobel prize in 1995 for chemistry.

Education-He obtained a(n) advanced degree in Physical chemistry at the University of Californa,Berkeley. He graduated in in 1972 and then went to the Univeristy of Californa

Mario Molina

Grew up in-Mexico City, Mexico

FACT-Mario and Rowland's discover about CFCs helped laws be created protecting the ozone layer.


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