Marine West Coast

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Earth Sciences

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Marine West Coast

SeasonsIt has mild summers and winters. Which leads to a small temperature range throughout the year.

Location - It is on the west coast of midlatitude continents. - It extends further inland into northwest Europe, than other coasts, because of the location of mountains.

Marine West Coast Climate

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VegetationThis climate tends to have a lot of trees like evergreen, spruce, pine, cedar, and redwood. A lot of fruits like apples, pears, berries, and grapes are grown as well.


WeatherIts location places it in the path of westerly winds from the ocean that bring cloudy skies, a lot of rain, and mild temperatures

AnimalsThere are a lot of different types of animals in this climate but some of the most notable are seals, dolphins, and different types of seabirds.


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