Marine Tortoises

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Marine Tortoises

ADULTSThe tortoises are reptiles. The adults have two pairs of fins, two small eyes and a big and strong shell.They can live lots of years.HOW THEY ESCAPEThe tortoises have a great smell and taste sense.They also have an excellent orientation sense.


BABIESThe marine tortoises come from eggs. These eggs are put in the sand and when tortoises leave the eggs, they go to the oceanWhen the eggs are deposited in the sand the mother leave them and some eggs die, because some animals eat them.

FOODThese animals are omnivores. They eat coral, seaweed and aquatic vegetation. Some of them eat little fish too.

OTHER FACTS·The marine tortoises are awake during the day.·The male is bigger than female tortoise.·These animals are endagered.

by: Cintia Delgado and Noelia Fernandez



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