Marine Otter

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Marine Otter

I live in water most of the time but I do spend time outside of the water. I like to play on rocks with my friends. I live where there is a high amount of fish.


Where my animal lives: Along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Stretching from northern Peru to south Cape Horn, Chile.

Name: Kenzie B. Ms. Bias 1st hour

My Sources

1. My latin name is Lontra Felina.2. I'm the smallest breed of otter.3. I have a shorter tail than any other otter species.4.I can reach from 113 cm.-151 cm. long from head to tail.5.My nostrils close when I'm underwater.6.I eat fish,mollusks, and crustaceans.7. My teeth are so powerful that I can rip through human flesh.8. I have whiskers like a cat.

Interesting facts

Why I'm endangered

How we are saving them

My plan to save them:

Many places have put up laws so you can't hunt the Marine Otter. Peru, Chile, and Argentina have put up these laws.

I think that it should be illegal to hunt these animals.I think that there should be an otter santuary for all the otters that need help.

Marine Otter

Level of endangerment: Endangered

People have hunted me for many centuries. They hunt me for my fur pelts. They use my fur to make footwear.


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