Marine Life

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Marine Life

Marine Life

Surface water temperatures in the Pacific can vary from 29.5 °F, the freezing point of sea water, in the poleward areas to about 86 °F near the equator.the amount of rain fall that occurs is between 115-197 due to the large evaporation happening there.

sea weed grows in huge groups and eventualy breaks off.coral is a huge living plant that takes years to grow and just drifts in the curent.a sea anenamy is a living organ and it feeds on fish that dare come close and get traped in its tenticals.

goblin sharks live in the depths of the ocean.clown fish have learned how to live in sea anenemysa jelly live near the surface of the ocean cuz their energy comes from the sun.

humans have not interfeared as much as in the ocean other than massive oil spills and that has done alot to damage the envirment because most of the animals in the ocean cant hand the oil in their lungs.

most of the animals have had to evole or adapt to live in the area where they are to day thats why they all look different.


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