Marine Engineering

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Marine Engineering

By: Raven Lewis & Annalee Hart

Marine Engineering

Working ConditionsThe work conditions of a marie engineer include working on mainly dry docks, on boats, some jobs are persued on the phone, and onboard ships. cosidering some of these conditions most enviroments are hot and noisy.

Marine Engineering refers to any marine vessel or structure. This engineering career includes many other types of engineering including mechanical engineering.

Needed Education The needed education for a marine engineer is a bachelors at any colledge.


Job Responsibilities


Need For Marine Engineering

Marine enginners have many responsibilities. -They Design and oversee testing for marine equipment.- They prepare or direct the prep of a product or system.- Evaluate operation of marine equipment

Like most engineering careers Marine Engineers have a partially good salary. The average salary of a marine engineer is $79,000 per year

The need for marine enginnering increased 3.7% since 2009. But now out of the 18 occupations it has provided 455,285 jobs total estimate


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