Marine Ecosystem C

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Marine Ecosystem C

Marine Ecosystem

In a Marine Ecosystem, there are many choices for hotels.One is a hut on the beach, another is a beach front hotel, or, if you're lucky enough, you can stay in an awesome underwater resort!

The climate can vary in Marine ecosystems. If you are staying somewhere like Maine or Canada, you may want light pants and a sweatshirt. It may be a little cooler there. But, if you are staying somewhere tropical, like Puerto Rico or Fiji, it will be boiling! You will definetley want shorts and t-shirts. And sunscreen of course!

The animals you will be most interested in are underwater animals. You will have the chance to see manatees, dolphins, fish, shark, whales, crabs, lobsters, seals, sea lions and starfish! These animals you cannot see everyday.

Some plants you can find are Coral, eelgrass, sea lettuce, Turkish towel, feather boa kelp, bladderwrack. One of the most, maybe the most important plant in the ocean is algae because it provides a lot of energy for the organisms.

If you are a sea food person, this is your place to be. Clams and mussles are my personal favorites, but you can get lobster in all different forms, fish of every kind, fried or baked, shellfish galore by the way and you can even get these foods yourself!


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