Marine biome

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Marine biome

Sharks prefer warm salty waterand are carnivors. Great Whites can liveup to 70 years. When they are firstbornthey are called pups. They are consideredsocial animals because they hunt in a group.


Climate- the normal marine climate is filled with life of many colors.The water or enviorment gets warmer the closer you get the equator and colder the farther away and deeper you get from the equator.Temperature can vary from -40 to over 100 degrees the average temperature is 39 degreesrainfall- adds 100 inches to in on average each year

Steller sea lions live in mass packs and are extremleyterritorial. They gatther at various times of the year when mating and breeding.

Orcas are huge whales that will eat seals and fish. They hunt in pods and are often found in cold waters.

Sea grass needs sunlight so it only grows inshallow water. Sea grass provides a habitat for small fish so they can hide from preditors.

Coral is said to support up to 25% of the marine life. unlike kelp coral is found in warm water.

kelp is a a very colorful plant that prefers cold shallow water and full of nutrients.

People are interfering with the ocean by killing the organisms in it. Even if this is on accident it is stll happening because of sewage being dumped into the ocean and can cause deoxification which is when there is not enough oxegen in the water and the animals die. Plus it may also create diseases and un healthy chemicals.

Claim: If humans stoppeddumping trash in to the ocean then the organismswould have a much healthier biome to live in.

By: Brittany Nielsen & Tyler Hackwell


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