Marine Biology

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Marine Biology

Marine Biology is the study sea life. Marine Biologists Work all over. Some work at places like Sea World training the animals there.Others work at instituites working as professors,to college students. Still others work at laboratories ananlyzing plankton and other small organisms. No matter where they work, Marine Biologists have a large impact on the economy and that is the reason that I aspire to become one!!

1. Marin Biology includes Physics, Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics2.Marine Biologist tend to love the outdoors & the ocean3.The average salary of a marine biologist ranges from $35,000 to $110,000

Marine Life

Facts about Marine Biology

To Become A Marine Biologist One Must Have a Bachelor Degree in Science & Mathematics

Marine Biologists use math to measure how much to feed the animals. They also use math to figure out how far down they want to dive if their going to gret pictures of animals. Marine Biologist data come in the form of numbers water quality parameters to density.


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    This is my glog for Mrs. Peveto's class. The glog is over what I want to be when grow up: a Maine Biologist!