Marine Biologist

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Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist

Bachelor's degree in biology requires:-General Chemistry 1 and 2-Organic Chemistry 1 and 2Degree level: ph.D for teaching at the postsecondary level.Degree field: Marine biology or other biological sciences.One should take workshops and attend seminars many times a year to learn new ideas and must also be licensed to scuba dive if you want to go deep into the ocean.

A typical day as a Marine Biologist can vary. You may write, teach, do work in labs, or field research. Many days you will have committee meetings as it is important to share your research.

-Teacher in university or high school-Researcher -Laboratory technician in university, oceanographic laboratory-Resource manager for public agency such as fisheries agency-dept. of environmental protection-Technician or field worker in consulting company-Biologist working in environmental advocacy organization-Biologist working in aquarium or zoo


Job Opportunities

Estimated $59,330 per year

A Day in the Life...

By Clare and Jess

-Marine biology is for the adventurous, bold and ambitious who want something more out of their lives.-You get to travel around the world and see things you may not get to see if you have a job in an office.-You don’t get paid a lot, but the things you get to see while you study can possibly make up for that.-You get to use equipment and marine tools that cost several thousands or even millions of dollars-you have access to many different laboratories-learn about the rarest species and learn more about the world’s history-They can expect to receive medical benefits, paid vacations, sick days, 401k or other retirement savings plans.




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