Marine Biologist

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Marine Biologist

Bachelor's in Marine ScienceKnowledge of Biology and Geology requiredMarine Ph.D is preferred

This video shows what life is like for a marine biologist studying parts of the ocean.

Becoming A Marine Biologist

This job listing is for a Marine Biologist position located in Sandy Hook, NJ. The company Oceanix is looking for an animal lover who loves to travel and explore the Atlantic ocean. The job requires travelling and is a 9-5 position, but can occasionally run over with long nights in the lab.


Now Hiring

This graph represents the typical salary of a marine biologist based on the level of expetise.

About the Field:

Marine biologists are known to be patient and observant. They are required to deep dive and collect samples of species to help better understand our oceans. As of today, we have explored less than 5%of our oceans. It is a marine biologists job to helpundercover new and different species and be expected to explore parts unknown of the ocean. Becoming a Marine Biologist is a difficult profession and brings a tremendous contribution to society and the world. This industry is predicted to have a 21% increase from 2010 to 2018.



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