Marine Biologist pt 2

by flowerlalala99
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Marine Biologist pt 2


Things That Interest Me In This Career

Warnings and predictions

3 Canadian Universities and their available programs:1.University of Guelph:Marine and Freshwater Biology2.University of British Columbia: Marine Biology3.University of New Brunswick:Marine Biology

Describe the videos

My IPP states that I am very skilled at operating machines and equipment, planning, and reading. Having the knowledge to operate machines and equipment accurately and correctly is very important for marine biologists as they are required to work in labs. Having a hard time using any machines or equipment can be a downfall due to the fact that they would be used very often. In order to accomplish something, you must always plan ahead. Having the skill to plan before hand or at least have a general idea of what you want to do can help you visualize what you want to do and the path to get there. As a child, I have always loved literature and reading it in any form of media. I would often learn new words due to reading and would develop many different skills. This helps to expand my knowledge in a certain area so when I’m reading a report or lab, I can use those skills I have gained.

Mid to high 80's average

Some things that interest me about this career is being able to work in water, an environment where I’m comfortable in. I’ve been swimming ever since I was a kid so I have adapted to the environment. Marine life has always been something that I am interested in. Whenever my parents and I would go to the pet store, the first thing we would do is to look at the variety of fish that they have. I am also interested in the fact that this career is a job that encourages you to work with others. I have great teamwork skills and prefer working in groups rather than alone.


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