[2013] Jacob Davila: Marine Biologist

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[2013] Jacob Davila: Marine Biologist

Facts about a Marine Biologist:Whats a A Marine Biologist? Marine Biologist is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or brackish bodies of water. They also classsify species basesd on the enviroment rather than on taxonomy. This is an important job becasue, about 71% of Earth's life exists in the oceanSalary: 35k-110k a YearSchooling Requirments: At least a Bachelors degree and Possibly a Masters Degree.(4 yrs. of College, 2-3 yrs working on Masters Degree.)Pros and Cons? Pros:-The pay of the job-If you love water, then you'll love this job-Get to work outside and with animals-Get to travel to exotic places and be in nice weather Cons:-The amount of schooling and that not all schools have this major-Traveling may make you sick because you may travel from ocean to ocean-May be a depressing field since oceans are polluted and over-fished.-Many species are in sever decline and becoming extinct

Keep Calm and be a marine biologist!

Group of Marine Biologists saving an animal!

Marine Biologist Surveying a Reef.

Marine Biologist swimming into a reef full of exotic fish.

Oil Spills

Life of a Marine Biologist

By: Jacob Davila

Get Inspired

To the left, is a video of an animal that is going extinct due to oil spills.


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