[2015] Anika Melinda Anika Melinda (4th Earth Science 2015): Marine Aquaculture

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[2015] Anika Melinda Anika Melinda (4th Earth Science 2015): Marine Aquaculture

*Resulted in cause of non-native species* Some species are purposely released to grow, reproduce, and be harvested.* Other species escape from more confined culture facilities.* Certain species are associated with imported aquaculture species.* For example, the oyster drill and Spartina marsh grass were accidentaly transfered into Pacific coast waters.

Marine Aquaculture

Where does Marine Aquaculture take place?*Takes place: in the ocean (that is, in cages, on the sea floor, or suspended in the water column).*It also takes place on-land in manmade systems such as ponds or tanks.*Recirculating aquaculture systems that reduce, reuse, and recycle water and waste can support some marine species.

What is Marine Aquaculture?*Refers to the culturing species that live in the ocean.*Cultivation of marine life for human consumption or use-farming and gardening of the sea.*The most common purpose of marine aquaculture is to produce marketable foods.

What is the issue of Marine Aquaculture?

What is the cause of Marine Aquaculture?

*Less common except for hatcheries which are operated to enhance stocks of wild fisheries.* Salmon are widely cultivated.*Salmon are reared extensively in the northwest with the concomintant environmental controversy.*Salmon are now becoming more common in the northeast.

What is the context of Marine Aquaculture?

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*Marine aquaculture is often known as a replacement for fisheries lost to overfishing.* In many cases marine aquaculture can negatively impact wild fish populations.* For example in New England, money is being requestes for developing teh aquaculture industry.

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