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Marilyn manson

Brian Hugh Wagner was born January 5, 1969 in a town called Canton, Ohio. He was an only child and he was very mischivious. His parents sent him to a Christian school, where his hate towrds christanity grew.As he was growing up and moving on to the adult world he was very involved in music, especially rock. Manson soon made his own band called Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids, which later changed to just Marilyn Manson. His name was a combination of the female sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe and an ionic serial killer, Charles Manson. During the 90s, Manson was one of the most vilified figures in rock history. Parents, politicians, and religious groups protested against his music and stage antics.Marilyn Manson's band was an easy target for crimes such as school shootings and any other actions criminals attempted because Manson did and spoke of what others are too scared to do or say. Most of Marilyn Manson's lyrics had to do with anti-religious sentiment and references to sex, drugs and violence. Their preformance has been called offensive and obscene.Dispite the hatred against Marilyn Manson, he has been referred as "the only true artist today".

Marilyn Manson

The cultural transmission theory best describes Marilyn Manson because his band and his actions were more influencial from arists around his time such as Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, The Doors, Black Sabbath, and Kiss. Manson based his band and image after bands and artist that were also into the shock rock genre and was very into Gary Numan's apocalytptic fiction lyrics.


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