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Marijuana By Seth D. and Will D.

What is Marijuana?What is Its History?

The Short Term Effects of using Marijuana

Long Terms Effects of Marijuana?

Weakness of Immune SystemGrowth DisordersStrange Cell Structures in The BodyReduced Male Sex HormonsRapid Lung Destruction and Permanent Brain DamageReduced ability to learn and take in new informationReduced Sex CapacityDrowsiness, motivation lacksMood Changes

The difference between drug use, abuse, and addiction when using Marijuana

What is Marijuana use:The government has not actually described the differences between use and abuse for Marijuana. However, Cannabis use is not thought of as an indication of its abuse. Marijuana is still seen as an illegal drug in most states.What is Marijuana abuse:(Same goes for the description above)What is Marijuana addiction:(Same goes for first description once again, as it basically has the same meanings as the words "use" and "abuse")

Marijuana, also known as Mary Jane, weed, pot, and many other slang names, which all refer to Marijuana. Marijuana which is a greenish-grey mixture of a plant known as, Cannabis sativa, which contains a mind manipulating chemical. One of these chemicals is THC. Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in America today, and is legal in a couple states, including our state of Colorado. Marijuana mostly started to see a dramatic increase in sales in 2007 amoung younger people. Many debates are still going on whether the drug should actually be accepted into our states today. Many men and women are allowed to use Marijuana as a prescription drug in 21 states in the U.S. Which some believe that Marijuana is a medicine for some symptoms. HistoryThe history of marijuana dates back ages. So far back, it was a known plant from the times of prehistoric hunters! Cannabis, which is the plant of which marijuana originated, has been used for centuries. Throughout its history, marijuana was mostly used as a medicine drug (prescription drug) and was also used for many religious or spiritual purposes. For example, Warf, a professor at The University of Kansas, says that the Vikings forced medieval Germans to use the drug to help calm the excruciating pains of childbirth or even a simple toothache! Pot has actually been a legal drug in many coutries for MANY years. Now, lets take a look at where weed (marijuana) originated from. Lets take a look back at professor Wally and see what he has to say. He says that it is very important to point out the differences between the two main types of Cannabis plant. One which we know distinguish is marijuana which comes from the plant Cannabis Sativa. And the plant Cannabis Sativa L. which is used in many manufactured products like oil. The Cannabis Plant is believed to have been originated from some region of Central Asia. More specifically located in the area of Mongolia and Southern Siberia, according to Professor Warf. It is known that the Canabis originated from over 12,000 years ago, around the times of the first known crops. Warf states, "It likely flourished in the nutrient-rich dump sites of prehistoric hunters and gatherers". Multiple burned Canabis seeds have been found around some burial mounds in Siberia, that date back to 3,000 B.C. (Before Christ). And some locations in China that date back 500 years before the Siberian seeds! The drug was first used for medicinal purposes around 4,000 BC where it was used for things like an anesthetic for surgery. The herb spread to many locations throughout Asia in 2,000 BC, where in 2,000 to 1,400 BC, it was shipped to Europe where it was most likely used by a group known as the Scythians which were an Indo- nomadic European group. The drug was later spread by the Scythians (which although is not confirmed, it is the most likely group of people to take it) to Russia and Ukraine. It spread to Germany, to Britain, and eventually, basically the entire globe. After a seemingly endless journey, marijuana (Cannabis Plant) found its way to the United States in the 20th Century, around the time of the Mexican Revolution that ran from 1910 to 1911. Illegal immigrants were fleeing from Mexico, and into the Southern part of the United States. Laws in Maerica never saw a glimpse of a difference between the Cannabis Sativa L. (used for manufacturing purposes) and Cannabis Sativa (marijuana). Therefore, the plant was first illegalized in 1915, and in 1931, 29 states illegalized the drug. This is the history of Marijuana's journey to America.

Sensory DistortionPanicAnxietyPoor Condition of MovementLowered Reaction TimeAfter feeling "high" the drug user will feel sleepyIncreased Heartbeat

What Diseases can come from Marijuana?

Rheumatoid ArtheritisCancerHeart AttackDepressionPhsychotic DisordersSchizophreniaInsomniaAtaxia

How can excersize, nutrition, and postive relationships help with Marijuana Addiction?

Excersize:Studies have been conducted that excersize helps decrease Marijuana cravingsA group of 12 participants were placed on a treadmill for 10-30 minutes and after the first five tests, improvements were already seenCan help with emotional problems when under the influenceNutrition:Marijuana can cause a user to become hungrier more often. Which can caue overwheight and obesity problems, as well as obesity related diseases. Therefore:Stick to regular mealtimesEat low in fat foodsGet more protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fiberVitamins and minerals could help in this process Positive Relationships:Find a time when the person who is doing Marijuana, is not doing it at the moment. Then, talk to the person about how they felt before they started using the drug. This will allow this person to talk about their dreams and feelings that they have given up on, and they will soon see that they need help with their problem and recieve help.

Latest News on Teen Marijuana Use

The percent of people who have used Marijuana in the past couple months who are 12 or older is 7.3% in 2012 In an average 8th graders lifetime, the prevalence percentage in their lifetime of using marijuana is 15.60%, 10th graders is 33.70%, 12th graders is 44.40%.In an age group between 12 years of age and older in a lifetime, the percentage of the person doing marijuana is 43.70%, 12-17 is 16.40%, 18-25 is 51.90%, 26-Older is 45.70%.

What Kinds of Things Influence Teens To Use Marijuana?

Colorado Legal Marijuana LawPeer PressureOnline SocietyMusic (Songs Like Smoke Weed Everyday by Snoop Dogg)Strive to be Independent


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