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Slang Terms/Other Names:pot,buds, grass, weed, Mary Jane, joint, hash, ganja, chronic, kush, dope, cannabis


Short Term Effects:dizziness, paranoia, makes you hungry, relives pain, helps relax, helps anxity, short term memory loss, lazziness, helps you go to sleep, lung problems

Sources: power point interview with a person who knows alot about drugs

Long Term Effects:Reactions are slow and you aren't really there. Will get brain damage.Sciencetists haven't studied it alot so we don't know alot of the long term effects.

This drug is usually smoked as a cigarette in joint papers. Marijuana can also be eaten.

Teen Consequences:Makes you lazy and unmovited. You will go to jail and ruin your schooling. Screws up your body chemicals and hormones.

Marijuana is a green or gray mixture of dried flowers, leaves, and buds of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. You can only use it for medicine if prescribed otherwise it is illegal.

Stimulant and Hallucinogen

Adult Consequences:It is illegal and you will go to jail. Will be hard to get a job. Your family will be worried and have a hard life for your kids.

48% of high school students with mostly D's and F's use marijuana30% of high school students with mostly C's use marijuana19% of high school students with mostly B's use marijuana10% of high school students with mostly A's use marijuana

I want to be drug free because i want to go to college and get a good job. I dont want drugs to control my life. I know alot of drug users and tehy don't have a very good life.


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