Marijuana for Medical Use

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Marijuana for Medical Use

23 state and the District of Columbia have either legalized medical marijuana use or decriminalized its possession for home use. New York State is one of them and it allows only for 30 days supply and Non-smakable supplies (,2015).

Ethical Dilemma Marijuana is the dry leaves of Canabie sativa plant and have been used for recreational purpose for long time(Kramer,2015). Marijuana is the most common used illict drugs in the U.S, especially among youth (National Institute on Drug Abuse,2015).However, marijuhana is also used to controle•Nausea and vomiting•Pain•Appetite stimulant (Kramer,2015).

•Marijuana is a controlled substance and possession is illegal under Federal law. •Marijuana possession and use is illegal in some states and not in others. •Even though possession of marijuana may be legal, the selling of marijuana can lead to long prison terms, particularly for people with prior felony convictions.

Marijuana for Medical Use

Legal and Ethical Concerns Poster PresentationMedical Marijuana Use in Dying Patient

•Marijuana is a drug where continued use can have serious health consequences especially when smoked, such as lung problems,cancer, and Neuropsychiatric (performance, memory) (Kramer,2015).•Marijuana use can have an impact on the developing brain, especially among youth. Study shows I.Q drop by eight if you used marijuana once a day (McBride, 2014).Careful assessment before and during use of marijuana is crucial.

Opposing Side Addictive/Missuse/ Self medicating Health effects Need more sicientific data

References Kramer, J. L. (2015). Medical marijuana for cancer. CA: A Cancer Journal For Clinicians, 65(2), 109-122. doi:10.3322/caac.21260McBride, D. L. (2014). Marijuana May Harm Developing Brains. Journal Of Pediatric Nursing, 29(4), 376-377. doi:10.1016/j.pedn.2014.03.025National Instisute on Drug Abuse (2015). (2015). New York Laws & Penalties. Retrivted from 23 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC: Laws, fees, and possession limits, Retrieved from

Marijuana for Symptom ManagementWhy Not?

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