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Marigolds can be used to make ointments, sitz bath, tea,and also fresh juice.

Marigold Day was started by the downtown merchants. It was enjoyed for nearly 30 years by young and old alike. It is a fall festival held the third Saturday in September. It came to be replaced by a spring festival; Derby Day. The community liked Derby Day but missed their fall festival. Corinth and Dry Ridge both had fall festivals for many years. These festivals eventually dissipated over time. Williamstown decided that both a spring and fall festival were necessary and a great gift to our community. Thus Marigold Day was reborn in 2012

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"The Scientific name for marigold is Calendula Officinalis"


Marigolds are originally from Mexico and South America,Marigolds are popular with gardeners worlwidewith for their brightly coloured blooms and ease of care.

Pinky where are marigolds from?

You canfind the iformatoin below

Marigolds are very useful in the garden there help keep all the bugs out.

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