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Marigold Hotel

The best exotic Marigold Hotel


Judi Dench - Evelyn GreensladeTom Wilkinson - Graham DashwoodBill Nighy - Douglas AinsliePenelope Wilton - Jean AinslieMaggie Smith - Muriel DonnellyRonald Pickup - Norman CousinsCelia Imrie - Madge HardcastleTena Desae - Sunaina

The retirement doesn't means that one person has finished his life. Thay person starts a new time in it. It is really importnt to search new challenges when one leave his job. That person could visit new places, join in different kind of clubs or to find a sport that really entretain him. Rest in home all the day could develop a huge depression for a person that used to work without breaks. He could feel really bored and annoyed, and that is negative for him and for the family around him. It is necessary to find a solution, in order to avoid your family from suffering.

Does the life ends afer one retires?

Here in Spain, to find a well-paid job is very diffcult in this moment. For that reason, search it in emergent countries is a good option ,because they need qualificated people to develop in areas like science or TIC

Job for young people in emergergent countries

John Madden



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