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Marie Massine

The begining of Raouls life.

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the early life and education of raoul wallenberg

the bedinning of Raouls rescue missions


How Raoul saved Jews

the death of Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul wallenberg was born on august ,4, 1912, in Stockholm, Sweden. 3 month before his father died Wising Wallenberg. Raouls parents came from two swedens most outstanding families. whose members include diplomats,bankers, and bishops of the lutheran church.

The 1912 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the V Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Raoul´s grandfather wanted him to continue the family tradition, and become a bankers. He graduated in 1930 from high school with very good grades in Russian . After he graduated he spend 9 months in the military. Afterwards he travelled to the USA to study architecture at the university of Michigan.



The Nazis gradually devised an electoral strategy to win northern farmers and white collar voters in small towns, which produced a landslide electoral victory in September 1930

raoul designed a SWedish protective pass to help the jews against the germana and their hungaryan allies. He printed the passes in Yellow and blue with s code of arms. Wallenbergs protective passes hod no actual value according to international law. At the begginnig Raoul Wallenberg was only allowed to print 1500 of his Passes. Afterwards Raoul also managed to negotiate another 1000 passes. through promesses and emty threats to the hungarain minister he raised the passes to 4500, Actually , Raoul managed to print more that 3 times as many protective passes than he was offiacally allowed.

Hungarian Nazis depose Horthy and install a puppet regime after Horthy asks advancing Soviet troops for an armistice. Hungarian Jews and gypsies are deported to death camps.


Raoul Wallenberg

A true hero

After Raoul studied in the united states in the 1930s and establishing himself in a business career in Sweden, Raoul Wallenberg was recruited by the US war Refugee board (WRB). The Swedish foreign ministry sent Raoul Wallenberg to Budapest (Hungary) in July 1944. His task was to save 200,000 Hungarian Jews. Raoul Wallenberg was assigned as first secretary to the Swedish legation in Hungary. On July the 9,1944 Raoul arrived in Hungary to finish his mission. By saving the Jews, Raoul led one of the most extensive and successful rescue efforts during the holocaust. His work with the WRB and the world Jewish congress prevented the deportation of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews to the Auschwitz-birkenau killer centre.

To keep saving Jews Raoul started building "Swedish Houses". He built 30 houses, in the pest of the city. Raoul Wallenberg annouced the House as SWedish territory. There were living 15,000 legations in Budapest started to follow Raoul´s example, by issuing thier own protective passes. Other diplomats from other countries even opened thier own "protective house" for Jews. When the "death march" started raoul was in place all the time to hand out protective passes, food and medicine. He fighted until he managed to free those with Swedish passes. When the Nazis started to transport the Jews in full trains. Raoul even climed the train wagon. Ran along the wagon roofs and stuck lots of Protective passes down to the people inside, Raoul could jump of the the train unharmed, to stop the train and demand that the Jews with the passes leave the train together with him. According to Raoul´s friend Called Per anger, wallenberg seaved at least 100,000 jews.


Soviet forces drive the Germans out of Hungary by early April. Large parts of Budapest are reduced to rubble by the fighting. New Hungarian government introduces land reform bill, redistributing land from large estate owners to peasants.

On January 17th 1945 on his way out of capital with Russian escort Wallenberg and his driver stopped at the Swidesch Houses to say goodbeye to his friends. To one of his collegues Dr. Ernö Petö, Wallenberg said he wasn´t sure if he is going to be the Russians guest or their prisoner. Raoul Wallenberg was never seen again. Many believe that he was killed in prison after speending two years there or died from heart attack. No one knows for sure even today.

Communists consolidate power. Hungary aligns itself more and more with the Soviet Union.


THis is a map of budapest in 144 the yellow place is were the holocaust was.


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