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Marie LaVeau

Marie laVeau is known to many as the Queen of Voodoo in New Orleans. Marie LaVeau was born on September 10, 1794 in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Her parents are a white plantation owner and a black creole slave. Marie started to be a Voodoo Practitoner in 1826. Soon after see married Christophe Glapion and had 15 children. Marie was credited for changing African voodooism by bringing Roman Catholicism into black magic. Marie died of old age in 1881 98. Her legacy is left behind in New Orleans as the Queen of Voodoo.


1794- Marie LaVeau was born.1819- Marie LaVeau marries Christophe Dominck Duminiy de Glapion. 1820- Christophe goes missing. 1826- Marie LaVeau is now called the queen of voodoo in new orelans. 1827- Marie LaVeau gives birth to Marie LaVeau the second. 1835- Marie LaVeau starts a second job besides voodoo as a hairdresser. 1881- Marie LaVeau dies peacfully in her home on june,16th an old age of 98 years old.

Marie LaVeau has some accomplishemts she was able to bring Roman Catholism into African voodooism. Marie was also brought the Virgin Mary into voodoo as the central figure of worship and borrowed freely to bring catholic tradtion into the culture. Also Marie was credited changing voodoo into much more than the African supersiton. she is widely known as the voodoo queen of new orleans.

Lasting Impact

Marie LaVeau's impact on our world is that she proved that women could even make potions and spells. And she made everyone in new orleans accept the art of voodoo in their daily lives. Marie also proved that she could bring some cathololic tradtions into African supersitsion.


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