Marie Curie

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Scientific Biographies

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Marie Curie

Personal Achievements-First woman to win a Nobel Prize-First person to win two of them-Coined the term "radioactivity"-Polonium and radium-First female professor at the University of Paris

Marie Curie1867-1934

-Marie played a leading role for womens recognition in science-Marie established through her career and scientific knowledge that women have the potential to be great scientists

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-Finished high school at 15, with the highest honors-Wanted to attend college but the University of Warsaw did not accept women-Registered at Sorbonne, in Paris


Leadership Skills

-Both of her parents were teachers-Showed interest in math and science at a young age-Unable to enroll in the men-only University of Warsaw-In 1892, she moved to France and enrolled herself in Sorbonne University



-Nobel Prize in Physics-Nobel Prize in Chem-Davy Medal-Matteucci Medal-Elliot Cresson Medal-Benjamin Franklin Medal-Willard Gibbs Award-John Scott Legacy Medal and Premium



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