Marie Curie

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Marie Curie

RadiumAtomic Number:88Atomic Mass: 226 amuColor: silverish

Marie Curie

Early Life- Was born on November 7th, 1867- Birth name was Maria Skelodowsha- Her nickname was Manya- Lived in Warsaw, Poland- Had four siblings- Parents were teachers- Family had finacial struggles

Working Conditions- Pierre Curie let Marie work in his lab studying magnetic properties of steels- Lab facilities were poor- Setup a new lab in a storeroom in the Paris Municipal School to study uranium rays- Crowded and damp conditions

Contributions- Created the term, radioactivity to describe compounds giving off rays- Discovered a new element, Radium- New inventions- Small dose can kill cancer cells and other diseases- Large dose fatal to humans- New findings in matter- Crucial to x-ray development

Atomic Structure

Education- Valued her education- Graduated high school with high honors- Women were not allowed to attend university in Warsaw, so she took secret classes at night with her sister- Favorite subjects were math, physics and chemistry- Got her masters in physics and math at Sorbonne university

Nobel Prize



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